THE MOKSHA FAMILY: The Faces Behind the Inspiration


My experiences while backpacking have been more than just eye-opening; they’ve been soul-stirring. Whether it was the trafficked toddler who found a momentary escape in the sweetness of ice cream, or the political refugees who still strummed the chords of freedom, each encounter has been a brushstroke in my ever-evolving worldview.


A Family That Dreams Together:


With a husband who is a master of the healing arts and a daughter who is the epitome of our shared dreams, my family is a living testament to the power of collective dreaming. We’ve chosen to pack up not just our belongings but also your aspirations, setting out on a journey to touch lives and heal souls.


A Mission Rooted in Reality:


This is not a faceless campaign; it’s a mission with a heart and a soul. Every dollar, every contribution goes directly to the causes that matter, to the lives that need changing. This is not charity; this is change in its purest form.


Join Our Village:


We invite you to be part of our village, our community of dreamers and doers. As we traverse the globe, seeking knowledge and spreading love, we turn to you to be the wind beneath our wings. Because the mission to make the world a better place is not a solo endeavor; it takes a village.


Dare to Dream with Us:


So, we dare you to dream with us—to envision a world less burdened by pain and more enriched by love and understanding. We dare you to take that first step with us, to be the change you wish to see, to be the hope in someone’s despair.

We are grateful beyond words that the universe has led us to this moment, and we look forward with eager hearts to the journey that lies ahead.

With love and gratitude, Missy and Phil

Dare to Dream