Welcome to Dare to Dream Project

The Genesis of an Idea:


We believe that by nature, we humans are creatures of desire. We yearn, we aspire, we reach out for more. From the allure of fancy cars to the ambition of running a marathon, our dreams are as diverse as we are. Some of us dream of breaking the chains of generational trauma, of rising above poverty, and rewriting our stories. The more we achieve, the higher we aim. But to truly tap into our potential, to manifest our dreams, we first need our basic human needs met. Only then can we soar.


Backpacking Stories: Windows to Different Realities:


Our backpacking adventures opened our eyes to stories that reshaped our worldview. Missy remembers  the heart-wrenching moment she gave ice cream to a trafficked toddler. Tears flowed freely, not just from the child’s eyes, but her’s as well. In that brief moment, the weight of the world seemed unbearable. Yet, the simple joy of ice cream was a beacon of hope.

Strumming a  guitar and sharing smokes with political refugees, each note echoing their dreams of reuniting with families. We have listened to war survivors, sharing smoothies and tales of resilience. And dining with a mahout by a river, his dreams as simple as buying paper for his children’s education.


The Elephant Sanctuary: A Beacon of Hope:


At an elephant sanctuary, We met women who had faced the darkest corners of humanity. Yet, here they were, learning, growing, and dreaming of a brighter future. Their aspirations? To take their newfound skills back to their villages and spark change. Their stories, their resilience, inspired me to dream bigger, to be a catalyst for sustainable change.

The Birth of “Dare to Dream:


There was a time when I, Missy couldn’t fathom a life beyond the streets. Dreams of a car, a loving family, a promising future seemed galaxies away. But it all began with a dream, a vision of a different life. Every step forward, every challenge faced was a testament to the power of daring to dream. And as I dared, my reality transformed.